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Garage Door Spring and Cable Repair Universal City CA

Garage Door Spring Repair Universal City CA provides springs & services. You may be wondering “How to repair garage door springs?”. Well, our advice to you is that you DON’T fix your broken garage door springs yourself. If you’re looking for a DIY project, pick another one. The treacherous tension of garage door springs can be extremely dangerous. The compressed coils of springs can squeeze your fingers. That is to say, don’t be foolish and avoid the risk. Only a professional tech should repair your springs.

Garage Door Spring Repair Universal City

Manufacturers create different garage door springs with a variety of materials. Springs come in various sizes and weights, as well. Extension and torsion springs are the two major types of garage door springs.

Torsion and Extension Springs

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

Extension springs are side-mounted, and run parallel to the overhead garage door track. They’re connected to the garage door pulleys and cable. Typically, extension springs are used on doors that are smaller. They’re ideal for garage doors that are eight or nine feet wide. Extension springs are generally a cinch to manage. Adjusting them is usually easy.

Torsion springs are normally used for bulkier garage doors. They hang over the door. They have a long rod that runs through it with wheels on each side that connect to the garage door cable. Lighter doors may have just one torsion spring, while heavier doors need two torsion springs.

Garage door springs expand when the door lowers. When the door raises the springs to recoil to lift the weight of the door. They’re assisted by garage door tracks and rollers. Problems occur when the springs themselves or their connecting components become misaligned or worn.

Sometimes some springs exert more force than others. When weaker springs don’t support enough weight they put pressure on the other parts to do more work. This can cause balance issues or wear down overused components.

You can troubleshoot these issues by contacting a technician to realign, repair, or replace your springs.

Spring Installation Service

If your garage door springs break, it’ll most likely be at the worst time. Spring malfunctions, unfortunately, don’t follow a convenient schedule. It’ll occur when you’re in a hurry to an important event. Or you might discover that your garage door springs are faulty in the evening when you’re trying to secure your home for the night. This can be especially worrisome because your garage door is a central part of the security of your residence or business.

We’re on standby for your emergencies, 24/7. Never feel vulnerable or helpless again. Our around the clock service is beloved by our customers because we:

  • are available any time you need us
  • respond in 30-60 minutes of all calls
  • don’t charge extra for late appointments
  • offer the most inexpensive rates
  • are local and nearby
  • offer the best customer service in the area
  • don’t hire mechanics without giving them a background check

We are proud of the work we do. It brings us great satisfaction to help customers in need. For the technicians at our company, responding to late night and early morning emergencies isn’t just our job.

It brings us a lot of satisfaction and is a source of great joy.

They are metals cords woven together to create a single line and then these lines are wound together to form cables. Garage door cables hoist the weight of garage doors using garage door springs for assistance. This makes them a key part of the garage door system.

Cable Services

garage door cable repairThey are metals cords woven together to create a single line and then these lines are wound together to form cables. Garage door cables hoist the weight of garage doors using garage door springs for assistance. This makes them a key part of the garage door system.

Cables are looped around drums. They wind up around the drums as garage doors open and uncoil as the doors close. Cables stretch down the length of doors from the drums and attach to the bottom of the door panels.

We don’t recommend you fixing or replacing your own garage door cables. Leave the job to experienced, certified garage door mechanics. Garage door springs put cables under extreme tension and are enormously dangerous. This is especially true if they are handled by homeowners without suitable training and tools.

Trading out damaged cables requires the containment of tension produced by the springs. One way to do this is to disengage the springs, replace the cable, and then correctly re-engage the springs. This is a complicated and perilous process.

Just like the rest of your garage door systems, before it’s said and done, your garage door cables will no doubt need some attention and maintenance to keep them in good working order.

We can provide routine inspections of your garage door system, including the cables! Contact us for more information!


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