3 Ways to Inspect Garage Door Issues

Inspection garage door issues

Imagine this situation if you will. You woke up late today and are in a rush. Not only are you in a rush but also you park your car in your garage. Most days your garage door works perfectly fine. Although today as you press the button to leave your garage. Nothing happens. At this point you’ve realized there is an issue with your garage door.

The surprise of having your garage door malfunctioning is not a welcome one. In fact not only is it inconvenient for you but it’s also challenging your well being. Granted some garage door companies are very expensive to even take a look at your garage door.

In order to prevent a breakdown of your garage door, maintenance is the key. Here are a few simple inspections you can do to save yourself time, money and to get yourself to work.

Checking it visually

Simply looking at possible issues can help you find the problem you’re currently going through. Here are a few simple steps you can take to asses your garage door:

  1. Sealing the garage door.(If you’re not trapped inside already, of course.)
  2. Step in front of the door, from the inside. Under the opener(optional), springs and cables.
  3. Inspect the mounting hardware including the tracks, hinges and cables. The springs could have snapped leaving the door shut. If the springs are the ones that have cause the issue then contact a professional immediately.
  4. Attempt to open and shut your garage door.

If there was a sever issue with the cables, springs, track, or opener. Contact a professional company like our own. It is very dangerous to attempt to fix those issues on your own.

Balance Test

Unbalanced garage doors can be difficult to identify. Visually they are very difficult to identify. On the other hand there is something you can do:

  1. Make sure your garage door is shut and the opener is disconnected.
  2. Attempt to manually lift up your garage door.
The garage door should open with relative ease. If not then you have identified your problem your garage door is unbalanced. Contact a professional so as to get your garage door balanced!

Lubrication Check

If your garage door is creaking or making odd sounds. There is a few ways to get rid of the sound before it becomes a major issue.

  1. Spray garage door lubricant on the springs, hinges, and bending points.
  2. Before spraying on the rollers make sure you clean the rollers. You can use a clean cloth and a non-corrosive cleaner
  3. You can use oil on the rollers but on all metal rollers apply lubricant. As for nylon rollers just apply lubricant to the bearings no the rollers themselves.